Supporting high performing teams


What We Do

Data is the fuel that businesses and organisations run on. The ability to fine tune how your organisation runs on this fuel is what will set you apart at the end of the race. When using and exploring data it is extremely important to leverage the correct tools to ensure that your team is effective. With the variety and breadth of tools available in the market it can be difficult to know what to use and when to use it. SharperMinds simplifies this process and takes the guess work out of advanced analytics by creating a custom toolbox for our clients. This toolbox ensures our clients are equipped for any situation and that they will always have the right tool for every job. This empowers our client’s team to focus on being subject matter experts and driving quality insights, rather than tool management. We tailor our solutions to each individual use case to guarantee that they operate at peak performance and allow you to win the race.

How We Do It

When developing advanced analytics solutions, SharperMinds uses a process based in science methodologies. Working closely with clients’ teams we gain a detailed understanding of the challenge space and what metrics are used for determining success. With this knowledge we design a tailored solution, based on current trends and research, to deliver the required business outcomes. When designing solutions takes a vendor agnostic approach. This solution is then piloted for testing and training with the client, to demonstrate whether or not the solution will meet their requirements. If the solution passes this stage it will go into a final review process to ensure that it is successful within the client’s environment. If it does not meet all requirements it will be redesigned and retested to guarantee a high quality solution. Once implemented we will work with the client to refine the system so that it delivers the greatest possible outcomes. Finally, we will train your team to ensure they can use their toolbox to excel. Our collaborative process delivers high performance solutions which will secure your required business outcomes and propel your team into the future.


  1. Greater business outcomes

  2. More accurate decisions

  3. Data driven decisions

  4. Increased data exploration