Find the needle in your data haystack


What We Do

Find the unfindable, decision-making is the life and purpose of any business or organisation. The ability to make sound decisions with greater speed and accuracy can be the difference between being good, and being the best. AI and ML are valuable tools which can assist in the pursuit of optimisation and excellence. The benefits these tools provide are significant, as they provide teams with the capability to use large datasets more effectively and with greater accuracy than a human could achieve independently. assists our clients to drive business value by empowering them to make decisions faster and more accurately through novel solution development and the most current methods.

How We Do It

SharperMinds collaborates with clients using an evidence-based Agile method to develop tailored AI and ML solutions. We begin every engagement with an in-depth consultation process which allows us to fully understand our client’s issues and business needs. With this insight we design a concept which is informed by extensive industry and academic research that most successfully solves our client’s issues. Once completed the concept is deployed as a pilot for further testing and review, providing our client the certainty that their needs will be met. This pilot will be refined through several iterations to ensure it delivers value and meets all requirements. Once deemed successful by required stakeholders, the pilot undergoes a final stage of review to ensure that it will function smoothly in the client’s environment before it is implemented. Post-implementation will work with the client’s team to ensure that they are fully trained and comfortable with the end solution, and able to utilise the system independently. Our iterative approach based in evidence and research allows us to design a contemporary solution that will function in your environment.


  1. Deeper insights

  2. Faster and more accurate decision-making

  3. Reduced time from data to knowledge

  4. Use more of your data