Pushing the boundaries of what is possible


What We Do

SharperMinds specialises in emerging technologies and leveraging these solutions in enterprise environments to drive real business value. We achieve this by working with our global network of start-ups and technology leaders to bring cutting edge technologies to our clients. We engage with a range of technologies, from in-memory computing through to infrastructure platforms. SharperMinds is committed to providing access to innovative technologies which are stable in enterprise situations. By de-risking this process, SharperMinds allows our clients to push the boundaries of what is possible without the concern of unnecessary exposure. SharperMinds understands the potential these solutions can provide your organisation, and with our expertise we can implement and manage them so that you can operate at the cutting edge.

How We Do It

SharperMinds works with clients to understand their current issues and future needs. With this understanding, we work in collaboration with our client and partners to develop a solution leveraging emerging technologies which solves the client’s requirements and allows them to capitalise on the most advanced solutions available. Next we perform a proof of concept or a pilot to ensure that the solution delivers the required business outcomes. If needed this, proof of concept or pilot is iterated to ensure its value and stability. Once testing is completed, the solution undergoes a final review process and is then implemented into the client’s environment. SharperMinds.ai assists with the ongoing management of these solutions, ensuring that they are durable and continue to deliver real business value into the future.


  1. Cutting edge solutions

  2. Greater results than traditional solutions

  3. Unheard of ROI’s

  4. Faster time to insight