Our Story

SharperMinds was established in 2018 by a small group of technologists who wanted to change the way we engage with technology on a daily basis. With over two decades of experience in ICT and advanced technologies we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for our clients which solve the most complex and mission critical challenges. We employ a self-developed business model which responds to our frustration at watching large enterprise squander emerging technologies and not returning social benefit due to a focus on the bottom line. Our business model is based on the principles of social anarchism and mutual benefit, and ensures that we drive the best outcomes for our clients in all situations. To achieve this we have created a team of extremely skilled and passionate people.

SharperMinds is committed to developing and sustaining a cross-disciplinary ecosystem which allows us to draw upon multiple knowledge bases and create unthought of solutions. Our network encompasses members with a range of backgrounds including ICT, academia, not-for-profit, law, engineering, scientific research and the arts. Utilising our network of people and ideas, SharperMinds drives change from beyond a single industry and guarantees our clients novel solutions which use the most up to date concepts possible. SharperMinds unites capabilities to push the current boundaries of technology for the purpose of real social benefit.